The advantages and disadvantages of Single Family Houses

There are many different types of real estate. These include condos, apartments and family homes. Detached houses are those that are occupied by a single family, and only one dwelling unit. This is quite different than apartments and condos that more apartments and occupy a lot of families. As with other types of real estate, these houses, there are advantages and disadvantages. These advantages and disadvantages are discussed below.


First, felértékelésből larger family homes and are more resistant to downward markets such as multifamily housing. So the investment will be protected and thus higher returns.

Second, these houses offer over the place. You can renovate, remodel or revamp your home the way you want. There are no restrictions to changing the look of your home. This way, you can make at home right personality. However, you still have to follow the rules for towns and cities.

Third, there is more privacy these houses. Not everyone shared walls, so they can enjoy the peace and quiet. You also do not have to put up with any nonsense of other families living in the community.

Fourth, there is no contact to deal with. You do not have to charge any maintenance of the home, or follow the strict rules and regulations of the association.


First, the cost of single family homes is high. They are more expensive than multifamily homes. Many people can not afford family houses, and so, opt for multifamily housing.

Second, the maintenance responsibility of the homeowner. This can be quite a headache landscaping plumbing everything you need to make the homeowner himself.

Third, the amenities such as the pool and gym will be expensive single family homes and affordable only for those who have a high income.

Fourth, the high maintenance in these homes, because everything must be done for the homeowner. In multi-family homes, the cost allocation, and thus maintenance is not as high.

Finally, it is better if you have a house or apartment in the city close to facilities like hospitals and transport, rather than at home in the suburbs, where everything is far away. This is especially true if you work in the city, and commuting to the job every day.

In the end, the suitability of a detached house up, and your needs. So keep in mind these advantages and disadvantages, as well as in terms of their own preferences when deciding to buy such a house.

Source by Asma A Mohiuddin

Traditional Vs. Neo-Traditional Tattooing

Some say that the & # 39; and there is no difference between the traditional and neo-traditional tattoos tattoos; although the differences are small, they are still there. The traditional dark tattoos is difficult due to a stroke and color. They deliberately kept simple in design and use of color palette is limited to the red, green, yellow, brown and blue with little or no shading.

times Tattoo culture than many wage and social periphery, as opposed to the traditional appeal and artistic credibility it today. These iconic images stamped sailors would get their bodies as a celebration of service; Only an experienced sailor, it has a far-flung lands were taken and a certain number of miles to be able to get the swallows, for example. Traditional tattoos are not customly up, but they're just taking flash walls.

The "traditional" sticks unique images: patriotic symbols such as the Eagles, boats, anchors, the American flag, daggers, pin up, swallows and sea stars. All of these symbols came from classic navy and naval icons were prevalent in the early 20th century, when the service will return to the States and get tattooed.

Neo-traditional tattoos pay homage through its classic, timeless art form of the same techniques; thick lines and heavy color saturation minimal shading and detail. However, images and designs used are generally more varied and diverse color palette used. A purely "American" style tattoo, traditional neo picking up candles, lighthouses, diamonds, caskets and other concepts and put them in the "traditional" way.

Not to be confused with "New-School", a cartoon-like, exaggerated and colorful tattoo style, Neo-traditional in a revival of "Old School" celebration of the roots and origins.

The innate beauty of the traditional tattoo style appeals to fans of all generations; thick solid lines and colors are blurred less, which is the longevity and lasting quality that so many desire.

Apart from the black and gray, traditional proved to be one of the only tattoo styles that will stand the test of time and still have the audience to wear them. The beauty of the traditional tattoos just that; there will always be artists seek to recreate the classic tattoo and culture, which helped pave the way, and the tattoo industry what it is today.

Today, artists like Myke Chambers opened a new generation of professional tattoo traditional, uplifting the profession of a new frontier, and keep the tradition alive.

Source by Leo Gomon

Bioplast Body Jewelry – What Bioplast Body Jewelry, and that is why it is so popular?

a great way to express your individual style, elegant and sexy body jewelry fits the bill, but what should you buy? As in traditional jewelry, these pieces crafted from different materials. Let & # 39; and to have a closer look at Bioplast body jewelry and find out why & # 39; s so popular …

many types of Body Jewelry

Just like the traditional style, body piercing jewelry crafted from all sorts of different metals and elements. A pricing point of view, you can buy pieces of several hundred dollars up to 99 cents. The difference, of course, the quality of workmanship and materials used to create the pieces.

Whether you are interested navel ring, cartilage jewelry, labret jewelry, or any other style, you can pick and choose the item & # 39; s composition. You & # 39; you will find it available in 14 carat gold and more gold purity level than 24K. Then there's silver, titanium and surgical steel. There & # 39; And even plastic body jewelry, glass, wood and organic.

Finally, there is Bioplast body jewelery. So what is it?

Bioplast Body Jewelry

Bioplast is actually a combination of two words, biological and plastic. So as you might guess, Bioplast is a biologically friendly plastic type. This means that it is a plastic that has developed worn on the human body.

Other than the more expensive varieties such as titanium, surgical steel and gold, Bioplast items safely as possible. This is an important consideration, because some types of body piercing become irritated or infected under the age of either piece of jewelry.

Other than the relatively cheap cost, the biggest advantage is that a jewelry with Bioplast flexibility. In particular, body jewelry, flexibility is important. This is because it enables the piercing slightly stretch and breathe, allowing it to heal without irritation. In essence, the Bioplast jewelry adapt to the movements of the body.

Therefore Bioplast body jewelery is ideal if the piercing is completely new. In fact, most experts recommend piercing. You can wear a new element to the piercing, while allowing you to heal properly, which offers the best of it.

Another advantage is style and expense. Since Bioplast is a form of plastic, it can be designed in many different styles. Just about every color imaginable is available, and very reasonable prices. Most pieces of less than ten dollars.

In a sense, be considered Bioplast body jewelery pieces starter. They are cheap and perfect to adapt to a new piercing and heal.


Consider buying pieces Bioplast body piercing jewelry, especially when there's a new piercing. The flexible nature of plastic pieces allow the piercing to breathe and remain flexible. Equally important is that it helps to heal naturally.

Most Bioplast combine the best elements of style and cost effectiveness. They usually run for less than ten dollars and are available in a wide variety of styles and colors.

Source by Jim Hofman

The Psychology of fun

private and public forms of entertainment and the psychological mechanisms fun

Entertainment has many dimensions and can be an individual / personal or more general and public forms of entertainment. When you play your pals to a personal form of entertainment, and when we sit down and watch a movie on the screen to a more general form of entertainment as we experience sharing many others. There are differences in the perception of the private and public forms of entertainment, such as personal entertainment is always based on personal experiences, their personal world view and determine the personal interactions.

The general public and less interactive forms of entertainment, and it seems that this basic contradiction, like all forms of personal and public entertainment more interactive forms of entertainment more personal and private. This scenario has been changing the television shows increasing public participation in the program, however, the interaction patterns between entertainers and spectators all public entertainment scenarios within strict limits and boundaries.

Entertainment takes you to another world and feed the need for fantasy and escape from real life. This is especially fun to see more public or provided by the media and the entertainment industry by film, theater, music and all forms of creative art. Film and theater puts us to the world of fantasy and grabs our attention, so we remain submerged almost a part of an alternative reality. Entertainment can be in the form of magazine stories and rumors, and even celebrity culture and psychology also explains the extreme fashion fun celebrity culture that we in the modern world.

Celebrities seem to open up a world of fantasy, and some people he knew every move can bring tremendous satisfaction statistic because it is almost fantasies participants. Fantasies will help to overcome frustration and serve as therapy to help them escape from the realities of life. Real emotions and real life is stressful and fun helps to go beyond the real life and moments of stress, to participate in fantasies that are soothing as it is not directly involved in these fantasies and even the viewers are still engaged in a tacit or passively .

Participation in any book, movie or creative arts is almost like sitting on a recumbent seat that technology to soothe your muscles while you relax. In the event that we participate in fun and almost passively while it may be very alert and awake in the process of a film, entertainment gives the illusion of non-participation does not have the opportunity to voluntarily participate in the scenario. Anything that provides some form of pleasure can be seen as fun, though fun it gives us pain when we cry when we get emotionally characters while watching movies.

Entertainment could trigger emotional involvement and emotional reactions such as happiness, sadness, anxiety, fear, and in spite of all these strong emotional involvement, of little or no physical activity required for the viewer. This active-passive process, the main attraction is fun, as entertainment allows us to both active (the emotion) and passive (both physical and mental health volunteers). It means entertainment, such as movies are a great influence on each other, but instead affect the finely aggressive and this subtle influence seems to work better with the human mind as any affect aggressive form. We see employer and fun as joy, although both involve some form of emotional involvement. Work, however, requires the voluntary participation, decision-making and participation by the physical emotional involvement.

Yet, why is it kept working hard and something fun as relaxation techniques? The answer is unpredictable. In the case of entertainment, in most cases, you do not know what to expect from a movie or a video clip. This unpredictability causes we can not predict the interest that would have triggered emotional states during the intellectual adventure. Entertainment is usually a kind of mental and emotional adventure. In the event that we know what the film is about that feeling, emotional acquaintance leads us to experience what we already know. Assume that a video game is getting a nice feeling, or induced aggression and competitiveness in us, we will go back to feel the same emotions as it was enjoyable or exciting. Stretched too far these forms of highly addictive entertainment.

Returning to the distinction between work and leisure or play, work includes the responsibility and despite the fact that their involvement is fun, apart from being a passive participant does not need to be responsible for anything, no problem-solving or decision-making, and how it is fun for all as much fun as the right brain activity of making and cortical regions of the brain does not activate completely have the pleasure sensations and emotions, such as the hypothalamus and left brain activity normally activated so we tend related entertainment emotions instead of problem solving and decision making.

What people are rational beings and even the emotion still seems to rule our lives and the core of our existence as emotions still draw us to the things that can be irrational. Entertainment emotion rather than a primary reason provocative provoking a major impact on people & # 39; s life. Appreciating all forms of entertainment can turn on the stage of the interest that emotional involvement and ultimately addiction. The celebrity culture is a direct result of the appreciation in the last stages of entertainment.


statistic comes from the emotional involvement of the characters in the film and there may be a significant differentiator lack of fantasy and reality, so the celebrity fans prefer the characters they play in the celebrity or personality traits are projected instead of a celebrity. The celebrity culture, it seems that people have a permanent fantasy world and seen as individuals we are talking about every aspect of celebrity hairstyles to shoes with cars. However, the spread of this kind of culture explained by individual needs to escape from reality and identify with someone in a fantasy world and an important element in the study of fantasy.

The study of entertainment brings a lot of psychological aspects of active-passive participation emotional or mental adventure, and they may be

1. – viewers often identify with the characters, movies or art figures and strong authentication helps to explain the value of entertainment. Young children imitate saw the movie, as they begin to identification with characters in the film.

2. Fantasy – Entertainment feeds that you need imagination of the people and provide an escape route from the real world. Addiction can be fun is the basis of real anxiety in people.

3. Projection – Individuals tend to project their own emotions, state of mind into a painting or a song and be happy cause of

4. Regression – Entertainment, however, often remind individuals about their past or It is a part of their lives to be forgotten, and brings out the child in some cases they are. For example, if older people enjoy video games that bring back childhood and become addicted to this kind of entertainment.

5. Sublimation – Entertainment is a form of sublimation, our impulsive desires, and this is especially true if we take part in the fun as the interpretation of the art

6. Displacement – The non-participation and passive form of entertainment, individuals tend to escape from reality and real people drown their emotions character in the film. For example, a teenager in love with a girl who can not get to fall in love with a character in the film, who may have a similar dream girl.

All of the above-defined processes ego defense mechanisms Freud and the interplay of many defense mechanisms Fun suggest that entertainment is more than just a source of pleasure and may have complex psychological processes of the human mind. Further research is needed in this field of psychology with a full understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of fun in modern society.

Reflections From Psychology – Saberi Roy

Source by Saberi Roy

Behind the meaning and symbolism of the Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus flowers beautiful and strong symbolic connection to many Asian religions especially throughout India. The lotus flower starts as a small flower at the bottom of a pond in the mud and muck. It grows slowly towards the waters surface continually moving towards the light. As you come to the surface with a lotus flower begins to blossom and turn into a beautiful flower.

Within Hinduism and Buddhism the lotus flower has become a symbol of the awakening of the spiritual reality of life. Its meaning varies slightly between the two religions, but of course, essentially both religious traditions place importance on the lotus flower.

In modern times, the meaning of a lotus flower tattoo ties into it & # 39; s religious symbolism and meaning. Most tattoo enthusiast feel that the a lotus tattoo represent life in general. As the lotus flower grows from the mud of an object very nice people to grow and change something better (hopefully!). So the symbol represent the struggle the most basic forms of life.

Lotus flower tattoos are also popular for people who went through a difficult period and come out of it. Like a flower that has been at the bottom of the bottom of the muddy, dirty, yucky lake, but rose above it to display an object of beauty or al ife of beauty as the case may be. Thus, the lotus flower tattoo or can pose a difficult time in life to have been solved.

Lotus flower and peonies are also two flowers that are very popular in Japanese tattoo artists and this great compliment to Koi Fish tattoos. Ironically, before the two koi fish and lotus flower is often found in the same lake a church. The Koi fish is usually a symbol of strength and individualism.

Source by Chris Ryerson

Frenum Piercing

There are a variety of male piercings that can be done, like Prince Albert, reverse Prince Albert, the Dydo, the Apdravia, the list goes on, but one of the simplest and most common male piercing the Frenum Piercing . The piercing is a piercing Frenum, which is located in the lower shaft of the penis. This type of body modification is said to enhance sexual unions for both parties involved. I can tell you from my experience that most certainly does not.

If the head of the penis and the shaft of the penis to the lower normally come together when a Frenum piercing done. The piercing is done by pinching the loose skin in this area and marking the entrance and exit holes. After the holes have been marked as pliers is used, then the (usually) using a 12-gauge needle in the actual initial piercing. The barbell is then inserted. Most people use a straight barbell, captive bead rings but it can also be used, but you have to be careful not to snag on clothing. Everyone & # 39; s body is very different, the healing time.

The penis is highly vascular organs and usually heals quite quickly. If there was a piercing, it pierced properly and clearly, depending on the individual healing time can be anywhere from 5 weeks to 6 months. Since the penis, causing the blood vessels, the healing process is fast, and the rejection is rare. However, this migration piercing is very likely.

before sex frenum piercing is completely healed encourage migration, which is when the jewelry is actually just pushed out of the body. Sex after this piercing will have to wait until the piercing is fully healed. Sex before the piercing is healed piercings can lead to becoming infected or tearing. In order to prevent the piercing post infection healed condom should be worn, among other reasons, to a condom during sex.

Although the frenum piercing is generally done closer to the head of the penis, many people are enjoying more and more barbell or ring put the lower shaft of the penis. Another name on the bottom multiple piercings of the penis called the frenum ladder or Jacob & # 39; s ladder. Personally, I think this is one of the hottest piercing that is below the waist. Once cured it gives feeling that both sides that can not get elsewhere.

The frenum ladder goes to the head of the penis all the way to the back of the scrotum. Some women find that the frenum piercing enhance orgasm. But for women who are uncomfortable with, men have the option of removing the piercing and putting it back later. Usually it's just a question of the appropriate size of the weights to meet your partner.

a lot of resumes, and as a fully established as a wholly be the "rungs" they will start to go down a bag of rings in the same way. However, if you choose to do so you will not be able to bear the weight of the ball, as our donuts Ball weight, which is extremely popular because of the increase of sexuality are offered. Especially as you get older it's nice to have the boys back where they belong. Despite the fact that The Worlds Most Comfortable Ball stretcher you'll ever find, you just do not wear steel rings piercing the bag, and that is convenient.

Source by Nicole Spears

A small family is a happy family

There was a time when people were proud to have a large family. But today, things have changed. People recognize the importance of that little family.

There are many advantages of having a small family. Listed below are some advantages:

1- The size of the financial situation of the family and is closely related to each other. The higher cost of Living in a family is much higher, as many costs of food, clothing, toy and education spending as a small family is very low.

2- is easy to meet parents with one or two children. They can provide them with the best education and take care of them very well, but if many children to take care of their parents simply can not fulfill even the basic needs of the child. Therefore, as a result, children suffer, they suffer from the parents and the nation suffers.

3- parents take care of the child properly, if you have one or two children. They pay due attention to the education and needs. Parents provide the best support. Of course, children grow good citizens.

3- The child is a small family get more support from parents as a family. When the parents of many children to take care of, they can not give the best support to everyone, while some children when the parents to take care of, they can give them more support.

4- Family size may also affect your health, especially that of the mother and child. Common pregnancy can cause illness of the mother and the children. This can disrupt the health of women. It brings mother and baby & # 39; s health.

This is really a small family is a happy family.

Source by Karan Kapoor

Entertainment Mode

There is no denying the fact that the mode of thriving entertainment merit, dedication and intellectuals humans create enough humor intense irritability. Different mediums variety of programs focused on the basis of a specific event in literary discourse, personalization and other plants, animals, transient life, rhyme, decay and frequency terms that the terms of the spontaneous growth of a lively and cheerful ingrained in the cultural and social life. A life is impoverished and frustrated when you do not have free time to enjoy modes created by the beauty of nature and happy attitudes of fun. Only the work is not the solution at all levels of development, such as education, culture, philosophy, religion and heritage, but modes of entertainment play an important role in the life optimistic in question.

A fun way to awaken the dead soul of the people, which people experience the peace and stability of position bringing placate trapped in sadness and hilarity. In this scene ephemeral world of natural beauty as the sun set out in the rivers and the mountains, swimming crocodile- the scene of the murder is the only animal in the world, a remarkable technique lion and tiger prey fascinate us on a large scale. When traveling entertainers roaming here and there in even the most remote corners of the world to entertain us, and we find joy seeing their modes entertainment virtually. The modern day ways of entertainment have changed. Television chalks out in various entertainment programs, movies, drama, sci-fi, which catches the attention of the acquisition of knowledge and happiness. The music programs promulgated radio and television ad pleasures and tranquility of our production situation. We can learn much about the true differentiation and fictional events. These programs help to know the unknown, especially in the difficult thing is clear, it is easier, which can solve a variety of problems, and simulation-based complicacies.

There are many modes of entertainment in today's life that matters to us knowledge and skills in retaliation for the obstacles that may appear at any time. The sport and the game, you get different tastes and attitudes pleasures understanding of the basic realism of life. The programs in sports and games, Animal Planet, Science Education, Simulation technology, geographic and atmospheric Intern programs, television, radio and environmental programs in the newspapers and magazines, we see varying degrees of improvement and discovery of novelty. Obviously, different modes of entertainment; learn discipline, skills and the importance of a successful life. Such moods can find fun ways and means to further progress towards success, joy and happiness.

The man did not live in years. All that glitters is not gold. The reality of the situation, we should, in particular, no shelter and the theist who believe pessimistic about life. Hope and constructive life is the basis of success of getting the perfect strategy. The method of continuous entertainments sectors more joy and happiness, where we can manage vigilant and constructive way of life. If the modes are fun tricking the young people in society can be defiled, and as such, we will lose an effective workforce development which will hinder economic growth tentatively. Therefore it is said that separation method teaches us how to avoid the chaos, confusion and foolish ingrained in common life activities, such as social bitterness and immoral social activities, creating differences between people rivalry, jealousy, competition and terrorism.

Source by Kh.

Tattoos and diabetes

I'm just a question of our website, that I thought it deserved a lengthy answer.
JC Buffalo, NY asks: "I have diabetes and my insulin Is there any reason to worry about getting a tattoo.?"

So, JC, you & # 39; thinking about getting a tattoo, but you have diabetes. That's a good idea? Well, in most cases, the & # 39; It s not a problem. But there are some things you should think about before during and after the inking process.


Podiatric my 18 years of practice, I thought I had seen everything, that is, until one day I was called to the emergency department for a consultation. The 45-year-old woman with diabetes has decided to get a tattoo on the top of the foot. He said he thought anything of it at the time. It was a rendering of her late cat whom he loved. After about three days of the toner began to develop some redness around the site. He followed the instructions given to him, but the redness worse. He asked for more ointment, but I could see the redness spread to the tattoo. She consulted with her tattoo artist who had instinctively call her doctor, who immediately sent her to the emergency department.

The tattoo is for all practical purposes is a deliberate wound. This young woman has gotten an infection, and because he was in traffic and a 80-year-old did not feel any pain because of neuropathy. What he did was an abscess in the top of the foot. This led to traffic getting worse leading to gangrene of the toes. He eventually lost a leg. I was able to save the left leg, cleaning out the infected bone and soft tissue, and the latest high-tech products and healing treatments.

Let & # 39; and discuss a bit about diabetes first. Diabetes is the leading cause of non-traumatic leg and foot amputations in the United States and about 14 to 24 percent of diabetic patients with foot infections and further to have an amputation. However, research shows that the development of the legs can be prevented.

Anyone may develop diabetes or an infection in the leg. Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanics and older men are more likely to develop ulcers. People who have a higher risk of developing insulin feet as people with diabetes-related kidney, eye, and heart disease. Of overweight and the use of alcohol and tobacco are involved as well.

Due to

diabetic complications, a combination of factors, such as lack of sensation in the foot, poor circulation, foot deformities, irritation (such as friction or pressure) and trauma, and duration of diabetes. The patients who may develop diabetes neuropathy years, reduced or loss of feeling is caused by elevated blood sugar levels due to the feet and legs nerve damage over time. Nerve damage often without pain, and one can not be aware of the problem. "

" Vascular disease can complicate a healing tattoo, reducing the body & # 39; s ability to heal and increases the risk of infection. Elevated blood sugar levels reduces the body & # 39; s ability to fight off infection and potentially slow down the entire healing process. "

Most tattoos do not get infected, but if the doctor diagnoses an infection, a treatment program of antibiotics, wound care, might be a hospital when necessary.
is required.

number of important factors that tattoos contamination

  • keep the blood sugar strict controls
  • keep the tattoo clean and bandaged
  • clear your tattoo using daily dressing or bandage..
  • the science of wound care has advanced significantly in the last ten years. the old idea of ​​"let the air get to it," we now know to be harmful to healing. we know that wounds including tattoos and ulcers heal faster, lower the overall strength of the infection, if kept covered and moist. Use of Betadine, peroxide, whirlpools and soaking are not recommended, as this can lead to further complications.

    Appropriate wound care dressings and includes topical medications. These range from normal saline modern products that have been shown to be highly effective in healing problem tattoos.
    The tattoo to heal there must be adequate circulation to the inked area. A specialist in circulation (vascular surgeon) or a podiatrist can determine circulation levels in the feet and legs, non-invasive tests.
    Healing time depends on many factors, including the size and location of the tattoo, pressure on walking or standing, swelling, circulation, blood sugar levels, wound care, and we are in the area of ​​the wound. Curing may occur within a few weeks or several months.

    The key to a successful tattoo healing is to ensure the next "gold standard" care:

  • blood glucose
  • infection
  • decreases friction and pressure
  • to restore adequate blood flow
  • the old saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" has never been true, as that is when preventing diabetic tattoo complication.

    Source by Dr.

    Tragus and Anti-Tragus piercings

    Tragus anti-tragus piercing and from increasingly popular – in fact, tragus piercing is now one of the most common ear piercings around. Ear piercing is the most recognized form of body piercings and tragus and anti-tragus fresh expressions of everyday ear lobe piercings.

    The tragus is a thick piece of cartilage jutting into the ear canal. To get an understanding of the exact location of the tragus, place a finger on the outer corner of your eye. From that point, the fingerprint of the back in a straight line until it touches your ear. The first piece of the ear, you can feel your tragus. You must know that this will be a small lump in her fingers – this is where the piercing goes through.

    There are all sorts of myths about tragus. Some people try to say that the tragus piercing to affect the balance – this is simply not true. The balance of liquids affect the ear drum, which are located deep in the ear and away from all átszúrásbiztos able to surface. The tragus nothing to do with the balance, so do not be fooled by uneducated people who might try to tell you otherwise. In fact, the only purpose of the tragus to keep the headphones (such as iPod headphones) securely in your ears; and if you cut through thousands of headphones to choose from, which does not irritate the piercing. Frankly, the tragus nothing to do with the ear, hearing, or balance. This is just one ear cartilage – maybe, if you have developed sonar and echo-location would be beneficial to the tragus (super advanced traguses help bats use sonar, for example) – but unfortunately, our species & # 39; and a surface begs to be broken through!

    should insert a captive bead rings tragus is recommended, but weight lifting is sufficient. The reason is almost always rings instead of the initial piercing, as opposed to free weights is because rings typically heal faster, better and safer. Once healed, then any type of jewelry, or even just a typical jewelry usually lobe of the ear. The piercer will determine what the appropriate gage for you (and by the way, expanding the tragus not unheard of, but rare), mark the location of the ear and push the needle all the way. Some piercers do a cork behind the tragus to "catch" a needle and some piercers just use clamps to help pass the needle and still others just use your hands. Each piercer different, so they will pierce according to your style. Handcuffs are the most common method, and many report that the actual clamp to ensure that the skin is more painful than the piercing! The tragus piercing is painless – there is not a lot of nerves – but some people feel mild and transient pain. Because it is so close to your ear, some might even say they heard a "pop!" It sounds like the needle goes through. If you hear a little noise, you & # 39; and worried about nothing. Once the needle, jewelery slid into place and secured, and you're done! The whole process, from prep to finish, no more than five minutes.

    The tragus does take a while to heal – sometimes up to a year to fully and completely healed. Many irritate your new piercing by dirty cell phones up to their ear or ear piercing asleep. Suggest that these do not at least the first six months. If the piercing is not infected (and this is not the appropriate follow-up treatment), soak in warm salt water, do not touch your hands and maybe (Q-Tip) Rub some diluted tea tree oil around the piercing. Never use any alcohol because it irritates the scar and piercings. The piercer will give you a full rundown of what to expect and how to handle the new piercing, so pay attention to the advice.

    The Anti-Tragus very similar to the tragus. It broke through in the same way, the same post-treatment, and recovery time is the same. To locate the anti-tragus, place a finger on the earlobe (usually when someone & # 39; s first ear piercing it), and your finger, draw a straight line up. The ear cartilage come before the empty space of the anti-tragus. The tragus and anti-tragus is very close, and the anti-tragus just opposite the tragus. As with the other ring, the ring is not affected by hearing or balance. The anti-tragus rarer than the tragus, mostly because many people do not believe that you can get it through this area, but it can be pierced, and it looks good when healed. Curved Barbells and captive ring beads from those commonly used.

    If you take an anti-tragus or tragus piercing, make sure that a licensed professional. Once fully healed, it is a gift or to decorate your piercing is completely up to you, and jewelry choices are endless!

    Source by James J. Jones