Tattoo History – Where tattoos come from?

contradicts the fact that the social sciences & # 39; more and more attracted to tattoos, and historical study on the subject; This little old practice has left no historical records. Some archaeological sites by accident back some evidence that tattoos have been around for a long time.

Today we know that the body art, and specifically this type of over five thousand years. The tattoo discovered as varied as the people who were wearing.

The history of tattoos can be used for multiple purposes is always personal. Sometimes plain as plain lines, points, sometimes difficult or pictographs they served them status symbols, amulets, signs of religious beliefs, declarations of love and loyalty and, in some cases, other forms of punishment or exile.

Some devices so rough that we have discovered through some archaeological tattoo used throughout Europe, dating from 10,000 BC 38,000 BC.

Ötzi the Iceman has given us the evidence that the tattoo is a Eurasian practice since Neolithic times. Dated around 3300 BC, Ötzi, she gave birth to a unique tattoo Fifty-seven; cross inside the left knee, six straight lines over the kidneys each 15 cm long. Further along a number of small parallel lines of the legs, ankles and groin have us believe that these tattoos were therapeutic, not much to do with the symbolism.

More Tattooed mummies were West Asian / European physical type of surface in the Tarim Basin of Xinjiang in western China. Although these are relatively unknown, studies indicate that some of them also extends to the end of the second millennium.

After World War II, some archaeologists excavating a long line of graves in the Altai Mountains in southern Siberia. They cried permafrost, so everything perfectly preserved. Within one tomb archaeologists found a well-preserved control some amazing tattoos, the oldest known picture writing tattoo. Presentation of different totem and wild animals, the tattoo has been done very definite style that repeats anything else that was at the same time. All lined spine and around the right ankle, represented as a series of monsters and detailed range of fish points.

In ancient China with thieves and criminals tattoos because of the Zhou dynasty in 1045 BC to 256 BC. Tattoo symbols "prisoner" of a convicted criminal or a slave & # 39; his face was a common practice until the last dynasty, the Qing Dynasty, 1644 to 1912, the new Japanese history, 1720-1870, tattoos can be used form of punishment for criminals. These tattoos served as a visible sign for those who have no place in a "fair society". Criminal rings are often received in the arms of each crime committed, it is easy to get to the crime. Instead of this practice, whose ears and nose removed.

tattoos human than the skin, leaving different cultures and practicesMobile traces of History of Tattoos up to the present modern day.

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