Frenum Piercing

There are a variety of male piercings that can be done, like Prince Albert, reverse Prince Albert, the Dydo, the Apdravia, the list goes on, but one of the simplest and most common male piercing the Frenum Piercing . The piercing is a piercing Frenum, which is located in the lower shaft of the penis. This type of body modification is said to enhance sexual unions for both parties involved. I can tell you from my experience that most certainly does not.

If the head of the penis and the shaft of the penis to the lower normally come together when a Frenum piercing done. The piercing is done by pinching the loose skin in this area and marking the entrance and exit holes. After the holes have been marked as pliers is used, then the (usually) using a 12-gauge needle in the actual initial piercing. The barbell is then inserted. Most people use a straight barbell, captive bead rings but it can also be used, but you have to be careful not to snag on clothing. Everyone & # 39; s body is very different, the healing time.

The penis is highly vascular organs and usually heals quite quickly. If there was a piercing, it pierced properly and clearly, depending on the individual healing time can be anywhere from 5 weeks to 6 months. Since the penis, causing the blood vessels, the healing process is fast, and the rejection is rare. However, this migration piercing is very likely.

before sex frenum piercing is completely healed encourage migration, which is when the jewelry is actually just pushed out of the body. Sex after this piercing will have to wait until the piercing is fully healed. Sex before the piercing is healed piercings can lead to becoming infected or tearing. In order to prevent the piercing post infection healed condom should be worn, among other reasons, to a condom during sex.

Although the frenum piercing is generally done closer to the head of the penis, many people are enjoying more and more barbell or ring put the lower shaft of the penis. Another name on the bottom multiple piercings of the penis called the frenum ladder or Jacob & # 39; s ladder. Personally, I think this is one of the hottest piercing that is below the waist. Once cured it gives feeling that both sides that can not get elsewhere.

The frenum ladder goes to the head of the penis all the way to the back of the scrotum. Some women find that the frenum piercing enhance orgasm. But for women who are uncomfortable with, men have the option of removing the piercing and putting it back later. Usually it's just a question of the appropriate size of the weights to meet your partner.

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