A small family is a happy family

There was a time when people were proud to have a large family. But today, things have changed. People recognize the importance of that little family.

There are many advantages of having a small family. Listed below are some advantages:

1- The size of the financial situation of the family and is closely related to each other. The higher cost of Living in a family is much higher, as many costs of food, clothing, toy and education spending as a small family is very low.

2- is easy to meet parents with one or two children. They can provide them with the best education and take care of them very well, but if many children to take care of their parents simply can not fulfill even the basic needs of the child. Therefore, as a result, children suffer, they suffer from the parents and the nation suffers.

3- parents take care of the child properly, if you have one or two children. They pay due attention to the education and needs. Parents provide the best support. Of course, children grow good citizens.

3- The child is a small family get more support from parents as a family. When the parents of many children to take care of, they can not give the best support to everyone, while some children when the parents to take care of, they can give them more support.

4- Family size may also affect your health, especially that of the mother and child. Common pregnancy can cause illness of the mother and the children. This can disrupt the health of women. It brings mother and baby & # 39; s health.

This is really a small family is a happy family.

Source by Karan Kapoor

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