Tragus and Anti-Tragus piercings

Tragus anti-tragus piercing and from increasingly popular – in fact, tragus piercing is now one of the most common ear piercings around. Ear piercing is the most recognized form of body piercings and tragus and anti-tragus fresh expressions of everyday ear lobe piercings.

The tragus is a thick piece of cartilage jutting into the ear canal. To get an understanding of the exact location of the tragus, place a finger on the outer corner of your eye. From that point, the fingerprint of the back in a straight line until it touches your ear. The first piece of the ear, you can feel your tragus. You must know that this will be a small lump in her fingers – this is where the piercing goes through.

There are all sorts of myths about tragus. Some people try to say that the tragus piercing to affect the balance – this is simply not true. The balance of liquids affect the ear drum, which are located deep in the ear and away from all átszúrásbiztos able to surface. The tragus nothing to do with the balance, so do not be fooled by uneducated people who might try to tell you otherwise. In fact, the only purpose of the tragus to keep the headphones (such as iPod headphones) securely in your ears; and if you cut through thousands of headphones to choose from, which does not irritate the piercing. Frankly, the tragus nothing to do with the ear, hearing, or balance. This is just one ear cartilage – maybe, if you have developed sonar and echo-location would be beneficial to the tragus (super advanced traguses help bats use sonar, for example) – but unfortunately, our species & # 39; and a surface begs to be broken through!

should insert a captive bead rings tragus is recommended, but weight lifting is sufficient. The reason is almost always rings instead of the initial piercing, as opposed to free weights is because rings typically heal faster, better and safer. Once healed, then any type of jewelry, or even just a typical jewelry usually lobe of the ear. The piercer will determine what the appropriate gage for you (and by the way, expanding the tragus not unheard of, but rare), mark the location of the ear and push the needle all the way. Some piercers do a cork behind the tragus to "catch" a needle and some piercers just use clamps to help pass the needle and still others just use your hands. Each piercer different, so they will pierce according to your style. Handcuffs are the most common method, and many report that the actual clamp to ensure that the skin is more painful than the piercing! The tragus piercing is painless – there is not a lot of nerves – but some people feel mild and transient pain. Because it is so close to your ear, some might even say they heard a "pop!" It sounds like the needle goes through. If you hear a little noise, you & # 39; and worried about nothing. Once the needle, jewelery slid into place and secured, and you're done! The whole process, from prep to finish, no more than five minutes.

The tragus does take a while to heal – sometimes up to a year to fully and completely healed. Many irritate your new piercing by dirty cell phones up to their ear or ear piercing asleep. Suggest that these do not at least the first six months. If the piercing is not infected (and this is not the appropriate follow-up treatment), soak in warm salt water, do not touch your hands and maybe (Q-Tip) Rub some diluted tea tree oil around the piercing. Never use any alcohol because it irritates the scar and piercings. The piercer will give you a full rundown of what to expect and how to handle the new piercing, so pay attention to the advice.

The Anti-Tragus very similar to the tragus. It broke through in the same way, the same post-treatment, and recovery time is the same. To locate the anti-tragus, place a finger on the earlobe (usually when someone & # 39; s first ear piercing it), and your finger, draw a straight line up. The ear cartilage come before the empty space of the anti-tragus. The tragus and anti-tragus is very close, and the anti-tragus just opposite the tragus. As with the other ring, the ring is not affected by hearing or balance. The anti-tragus rarer than the tragus, mostly because many people do not believe that you can get it through this area, but it can be pierced, and it looks good when healed. Curved Barbells and captive ring beads from those commonly used.

If you take an anti-tragus or tragus piercing, make sure that a licensed professional. Once fully healed, it is a gift or to decorate your piercing is completely up to you, and jewelry choices are endless!

Source by James J. Jones

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