side of the Hip Tattoo – Ideas for the Perfect Tattoo

Although tattoos are usually painful in any part of the body, usually the hip is the most painful area of ​​ink. However, many people (especially women) have always decided to get a tattoo in this area because of the sensual place. A tattoo on the side of the hip is not merely sensual, but because it also symbolizes strength, faith, beauty and individuality.

Getting a tattoo on the side of the hip is painful, because of the nature of the hip bone. There's not much muscle or fat in the area, causing a lot of pain, the needle is pressed against the nerves and bones.

Females are more likely to get a side of the hip, as this area is considered very sexy women. In addition, women are more likely to wear clothes that reveal this part of the body. The various locations of the tattoo on the body, the hip is definitely attractive and sensual region among women.

Popular designs in the hip area is predominantly feminine items such as flowers, roses, butterflies and fairies. Some women chose to go for more masculine symbols such as the skull, but which in this type of tattoo on his hip and makes them feminine. Other designs common in this area is a more intimate samples such as name or initials of lovers.

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