Family Harmony

I believe that the simple principles of family harmony three-fold, when we look at the family, then you need to look at the three key elements of the body, mind and soul. A healthy family is like a healthy body, the system works with almost no effort. The brain, the heart pumps, pulmonary breathing, and body motion. In our family, if each person needs to meet the family will work well and in harmony with each other. It is important to make sure of the three key elements that help the family work well together. What are the needs of the body, mind and spirit of each family member? All human beings are made up differently and everybody has different needs for food, sleep, quiet time, exercise, social interaction, spirituality and many other components that you need to look specifically in the family. I think it is one sure way to disrupt family harmony if the adults in the family decides what everyone & # 39; s around the needs, what they need. I think this is a common problem in today & # 39; and culture, not to buy children & # 39; s needs as seriously as our own.

The official definition of the harmony of Webster & # 39; s Dictionary to do with musical sounds that do not conflict or a pleasant effect. My interpretation of this is in regards to a very similar for families; it is a fair accuracy in our family, it's a sense of inner peace that flows through all of us. We do not collide and there is a nice effect, of course, this is true most of the time not all the time, life is not Hollywood, this is the real version! Since Feeling disharmony often arises in practice and coaching centers, families usually get the balance tend to begin around the house, food and bedtime. What do you think, why is this? Well, in my experience it's often the expectation, as if time or the children's bed should be in the 21:00 or unreasonable demands like eating vegetables or a 4-year-old take a bath, brush your teeth and get into PJ & # 39; and without help.

If you do not feel like you want more harmony in your home chose one of the things that works at a time. Only the "Monitor" to see what's going on, which is due to disharmony. Try not to judge, to resolve the situation or just watch, listen and learn from what is happening. Go back to the simple formula looking for what every man needs to feel satisfied and happy with his / her body, mind and soul. If I get through the door that somewhere is always some kind of drama ends; whose needs are not met? Perhaps it was all the time little Johnny needs to transition to what he was doing, before announcing, "Let's go, we are late", or Sara was able to finish the level in the video game and save her before he ran out the door? These things are very important for the kids to get there on time is important to us! So you need to look for ways to get things ready in the car many times, and that children need to be ready to leave as much time. That is a little different in every family, and once you figure out what everyone needs to achieve the goal of the things smoother and everyone will be comfortable. This is an example of the daily situations that families sometimes questioned, I hope this brief description of family harmony was helpful to you.
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