Getting started with cartilage piercing

Many people are terrified of taking into account the acquisition of cartilage piercing their ears and nose bumps came after the piercing, and also have the scars to obtain a compact circular exit holes. Often, it also brings a piercing abscesses, pain, pus pocket.

How cartilage piercing done?

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1. First, wash your hands with antibacterial soap
2. Wet piercing water
3. After placing a few drops of antibacterial soap on the piercing, the right to perform them a foam using a cotton bud.
4. Loosen any crusted discharge and takes away the jewelry and the use of leather cotton bud.
5. Leave the piercing with antibacterial soap for 2 minutes while rotating jewelry back and forth. This helps the disinfectant to penetrate the piercing.
6. Rinse your piercing with water, and air dry. I'd rather not try and dry with a towel, for the reason that might carry the bacteria and cause infection.

When and how to cure?

some of the critical information and guidelines are listed here in regards to the healing of the cartilage piercing.
1. It usually takes 3-12 months during therapy, the rate of piercing
2. Do not touch the cartilage piercing with unwashed fingers. Also, do not let them touch other individuals until it is completely healed.
3. Clean the piercing only moments a day, while the piercing is fully healed.
4. Do not change the jewelry until the piercing is healed.
5. The anti-bacterial soap, which is made up of chloroxylenol or triclosan to clear the cartilage piercing
6. Wash and dry the hair in front of the piercing, and also later followed by the piercing.
7. Sometimes an infection may induce pain, redness and strange discharge. In such a scenario, as expected, consult your physician for treatment.
8. Do not use Betadine, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil or alcohol swabs to wipe the cartilage piercing.
9. vitamin C and zinc can help therapeutic infections.

-known disadvantages of cartilage piercing

The main disadvantages of cartilage piercing as follows:

1 infection
The problem emerges various sources. A man or woman can get an infection hygienic earrings and choose the piercing through the environment.

2. scarring
Scarring occurs when the inside of the tissues affected by the piercing site. The person may get a spine, or perhaps a bump on the spot when the & # 39; s done incorrectly.


Disadvantages of cartilage gun

The person who & # 39; and getting a cartilage piercing is not like a gun to pierce the cartilage of the ear. This may take a longer time to recover. It is also possible that the long-lasting pain and scarring. This happens because the weapons would not be meant to pierce the cartilage. Therefore, it may upset the cartilage and production issues.

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