Since Comedy Entertainment around?

Comedy as entertainment has been around for a while. The oldest written a comedy written by playwright of ancient Greek theater, Aristophanes. He has written 40 comedies and 11 of them are still flowing today.

These ancient Greek comedies were based on "humor" that today would be called "politically incorrect". There were indecent, sexist, and full of sexual innuendo and sarcasm certain groups or stereotypes.

Variety gave birth to modern humor. Although the humor is still largely politically incorrect, it did move on to sexual innuendo and sarcasm certain groups of people more sophisticated forms of "funny".

when movies come almost exclusively based comedy specials. What is this "farce". Punching, hitting, twisting arms, so it was funny. The Three Stooges were a solid slapstick comedians of the era. You could walk into a room full of worldly stuffed-shirt and leave the place in shambles. The Three Stooges films are still popular today, and nobody improved burlesque technique – ever.

Can not talk without mentioning comedy "The first couple of comedy," Lucy and Desi. The "I Love Lucy" show was the best comedy. The jokes are too politically correct today. There was no need to rely on sexual innuendo or ethnic humor. Lucy and Desi was funny. Those old reruns is to make people laugh!

Sex and ethnic humor get the "cheapest" name. There is very little talent you need, and even the timing is not that important. REAL comedy without a laugh relying on cheap laughs. Think about that the next time you look at what sometimes passes between comedy.

True comedians real artists. Comedy is perhaps the most difficult form of entertainment. Comedians and comedy should not wait to write a review. When the audience laughed in the right places, the show was a hit. If they do not, they will not.

The entertainment includes everything you & # 39; s appearance and / or make us laugh, cry, become fearful, or happy or sad – or experiencing any other emotion, because what is happening before our eyes.

I call the circus fun for the best, but there are those who differ with me. Many people like to classify the "entertainment industry" just playing, actresses and actors, film, or television appearances employ to portray the characters. This simple definition is too narrow for me. I & # 39; was the monkey cage at the zoo before ve and laughed harder than I have, the last production of the comedy, which I attended.

The entertainment industry, in my opinion, includes anything and everything that is fun – and that includes the circus.

The circus has it all. There & # 39; s voltage (high wire acts), you & # 39; and drama (trapeze acts), you & # 39; s comedy (clowns), and the most amazing trained exotic animals you can imagine. It & # 39; and entertainment. What else would it be called?

The circus is not new. There was a circus in ancient Rome. There were horse shows, horse shows, staged battles and jugglers, acrobats and trained animals. The Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey did not think the circus.

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Tattoo – effect on the skin

During the process, the tattoo pigment in the skin can be inserted in the & # 39; s skin. The dermis layer of dermal tissue just beneath the skin. After the first injection, the pigment layer homogenised spread down the skin and the upper skin. The presence of foreign material activates the body & # 39; and the immune system.

As the immune system is activated to absorb the pigment particles and phagocytes. As healing proceeds, the damaged epidermis flakes away, thus eliminating surface pigment. Deeper in the skin granulation tissue is created, which was later converted to connective tissue by collagen growth. It heals the upper dermis, where pigment remains trapped inside the fibroblasts, and finally absorbed in a layer just below the dermis / epidermis boundary. The existence of a stable, long-term, but the pigment tend to seep deeper into the dermis, which is the cause of the degraded detail of old tattoos.

Some tribal cultures tattoos by cutting designs into the skin and rubbing the wound with ink or ashes. Some cultures have always been the practice, which is actually considered bloodletting. by the creation of other cultures tattooed marks by hand tapping the ink on the skin of things, or sticks up like a needle. Japanese tattoos can still use the device hand-picked, and only use it to create your tattoo.

With the machine in manual work process of the electric tattoo machine, which inserts ink into the skin layers groups of needles in the bar that is attached to a rotating unit. The needles are repeatedly driven into the skin, it goes on and off at a rate of 80-150 times per second. One is to make sure that the needle health, just to avoid future health problems because of the tattoo. The tattoo artist should also be wearing gloves and all wounds should be wiped frequently with a towel of some kind.

The price of the tattoo depends on the complexity of the tattoo design. Of course, the simple design, but cheaper than those that are very complicated design.

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The role and responsibility of the members of the family

The family is the fundamental unit of society, consisting of husband, wife and children. Each member is assigned roles and responsibilities. Within the family, everyone will assume these roles. Talking about these roles and responsibilities, it is important to note the following key points:

• One of the most important tasks of raising children in the family. This is the most challenging responsibility for the child should be raised from childhood till he / she is old enough to take care of him / herself.
• The family is also expected to educate and transmit social norms and culture of the offspring and give them the position or status in life.
• The family is emotional, spiritual moral and financial support to members.
• The provision of family of.physical security in terms of food, clothing, housing and other needs of the offspring of some or other dependent family members, such as grandparents. However, the tradition still believes in defined roles assign each member of the family.

Examples of roles and individual family members as follows:

• food, shelter, money the family
• important decisions.

• food and keeping order in the house
• nurturing and raising children, teaching children morality and values ​​

It is important to note that the list of roles, and any other traditional roles, or parent can be done by either parent. In fact, both parents have to complement each other in the performance of these functions.

• Obeying parents
• Helps chores performance, especially in the kitchen, garden, laundry, washing the car, etc.
• Living up to the expectations of the family
• the quality of school

Each of these roles in a given state. The role of the special status assigned to reflect the values ​​and beliefs of the family within the family. The higher the status assigned to a role, the more authority, privileges and rewards are enjoying this role.

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Evening entertainment ideas for corporate events, dinners – Fun for pre-dinner

You do not have to go to a run-of-the-mill ideas forward some (or evening during-) dinner entertainment.

Remember, there are tons of special business dinner entertainment event organizers who understand the importance of fascinating guests, and paid great attention to detail more night just perfect.

Professionals like this should be able to give you tons of ideas to impress your guests before dinner, and the options available may surprise you. They are not at all costs an arm and a leg either. It will develop your unique evening at home – free of charge (get a few friends to help to dress and act the part or by polished performances of the microphone!)

Of course, if you & # 39; ll you want to make it worth their while, allowing them to deliver the perfect guest feedback for the evening.

Perhaps you are planning a simple social event of the company, or perhaps you are planning some minor work – a team building evening. In either case, you should consult a professional event organizers to the tribe and something magnificent.

Do your research. Make sure your event is perfect for entertaining guests and trust is an event, an organization that offers a fabulous night, where they will remember the night – and remember!

might be splashing out a club or rewarding valuable customers some hard work. Either way it should be perfect. To get started, here are some ideas that you can play, that you are on top in design.

Murder Mystery Night

One of the oldest and still very popular forms of entertainment evening dinner ideas. A murder can be done in the evenings professional actors and a great way for all guests to participate in the evening entertainment.

Cocktail burning

Pre-dinner has never been so much fun! Cocktails can teach guests how you never knew existed, and you can get them to drink before learning how to throw bottles and spin in the air! This is a great team-building activity.

Wine Tasting game

an effortless approach to wine tasting that takes the snobbery and an introduction to wines for guests to entertainment environment.

Crazy Waiters

If you & # 39; sa surprise that you want the guests in the evening, then some crazy waiters will definitely make! Give-intelligence waiters fade into the regular hotel staff and cause all sorts of havoc crazy!

Full room theming and Entertainment

Themed evenings

If you are going to throw a great themed party and you want your guests to talk about it months later, why is not subject to the use whole event is a fantastic theme options ..



a surprise and a special live entertainment for the evening dinner or themed prizes, including human statues, stilts and other major entertainment acts.

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Tattoo History – Where tattoos come from?

contradicts the fact that the social sciences & # 39; more and more attracted to tattoos, and historical study on the subject; This little old practice has left no historical records. Some archaeological sites by accident back some evidence that tattoos have been around for a long time.

Today we know that the body art, and specifically this type of over five thousand years. The tattoo discovered as varied as the people who were wearing.

The history of tattoos can be used for multiple purposes is always personal. Sometimes plain as plain lines, points, sometimes difficult or pictographs they served them status symbols, amulets, signs of religious beliefs, declarations of love and loyalty and, in some cases, other forms of punishment or exile.

Some devices so rough that we have discovered through some archaeological tattoo used throughout Europe, dating from 10,000 BC 38,000 BC.

Ötzi the Iceman has given us the evidence that the tattoo is a Eurasian practice since Neolithic times. Dated around 3300 BC, Ötzi, she gave birth to a unique tattoo Fifty-seven; cross inside the left knee, six straight lines over the kidneys each 15 cm long. Further along a number of small parallel lines of the legs, ankles and groin have us believe that these tattoos were therapeutic, not much to do with the symbolism.

More Tattooed mummies were West Asian / European physical type of surface in the Tarim Basin of Xinjiang in western China. Although these are relatively unknown, studies indicate that some of them also extends to the end of the second millennium.

After World War II, some archaeologists excavating a long line of graves in the Altai Mountains in southern Siberia. They cried permafrost, so everything perfectly preserved. Within one tomb archaeologists found a well-preserved control some amazing tattoos, the oldest known picture writing tattoo. Presentation of different totem and wild animals, the tattoo has been done very definite style that repeats anything else that was at the same time. All lined spine and around the right ankle, represented as a series of monsters and detailed range of fish points.

In ancient China with thieves and criminals tattoos because of the Zhou dynasty in 1045 BC to 256 BC. Tattoo symbols "prisoner" of a convicted criminal or a slave & # 39; his face was a common practice until the last dynasty, the Qing Dynasty, 1644 to 1912, the new Japanese history, 1720-1870, tattoos can be used form of punishment for criminals. These tattoos served as a visible sign for those who have no place in a "fair society". Criminal rings are often received in the arms of each crime committed, it is easy to get to the crime. Instead of this practice, whose ears and nose removed.

tattoos human than the skin, leaving different cultures and practicesMobile traces of History of Tattoos up to the present modern day.

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tear Piercing And how can

Are you ready to get it through again? Well, why not try to tear Pierce? If you are feeling adventurous and want to do something else when it comes to piercing, you may want to try piercing teardrop. It was named after the piercing, because the pierced part in the very top of the apples of the cheeks, just where teardrops fall. Those who can push the teardrop earring has used the same or forehead.

Before this kind of piercing, here are some important things you need to take note of

Visibility – Teardrop piercing is very clearly visible if you do not take off the earrings. It & # 39; and directly into the ear and the hole stretches nearly an inch, so you do not really use it regularly earrings to go through it.

Tolerance of pain – Most people say that this type of piercing does not hurt. But the truth is that it can be. This fact depends on the self-tolerance is the pain and skin area. Note that sometimes the facial skin softer and thinner than other parts of the body.

Sensitive Skin – Tear Drop piercing done skin. So make sure your face is not as sensitive as you can to disinfect the piercing two weeks, very frequently. Make sure to use the alcohol without risking the field acne or facial allergy.

Aside from these things, you also need to take into account is the person who will receive your piercing done. The hygiene is very important. Make sure you only get it through the professionals who actually use clean tools. Here are some tips you can use to find the best piercing artist do the work for you:

Ask recommendations from friends – Contact their friends. Ask them about their recommendations. They can give you contact details of the great artist's work.

Take a trip to the salon – Before getting pierced, it takes time to actually go to the place and see how the artist will actually be doing the work for you. Is the place clean? Do not use tools are sanitized? Are you comfortable with the person & # 39; It s going to do the job right? It & # 39; And also good to find a store that & # 39; It s really close to home that you do not have far to travel on your own fresh piercing.

Interview with the artist – Tell the artist what you want and if you have pain issues, be honest about it. Ask questions piercing teardrop especially in cleaning as well. They will be the best people to ask anyway. You can also ask if it is possible that the earring because some shops are only willing to labor, but also relies on the earrings.

Source by Crystal Morrigna

Four Tips for Living a harmonious family

The harmonious family life is all about open communication, respect, and indeed the discipline. A household can be peaceful, without silent! It is about respecting each other, treating each as an individual, in accordance with the limits of communication and efficient manner.

first respect each other

within any one family member needs to know that they love and appreciate others. One way we can show that they are considered thoughts, and property. For example, if someone sad or lonely not just be ignored. The question is why, and listen to reason. Do not feel the need to solve the problem for them.

we can show respect just by being polite to each other. A simple please and thank you goes a long way. Or "How was your day" and listening to the answers.

in respect of someone & # 39; s ideas and opinions are not does not mean that I agree with them. We all need to have our say and share your ideas though. Sometimes kids come up with wonderful ideas, and sometimes they come up with is not a good idea. But the adult hindsight wisdom to see the idea is not feasible. Children see the world differently. Listening to their ideas creates a wonderful learning environment, then why an idea that does not work, let them find for themselves (as long as it does not damage them) recovered or idea.

Similarly, many people no longer respected older. Perhaps there is frustration that their pace has slowed down, or maybe they think they have nothing important to say. This group of people is a lifetime experience and a wealth of knowledge to pass.

2. Treat each person as an individual

It is interesting to hear people say, "All of my children treated equally." Why do we want to do this if every child (or family member) unique? They have their own strengths, values, wants and goals. Each person feels differently, understands differently and see the world from their own perspective. Treating everyone the same way, denying the uniqueness of the people.

This does not mean, highlighting the differences – it is about admiring them, embracing them and nurturing them. For example, some people have a better sport, others are artistic or building things. You do not need to tell each other, "they are better than you do sports, you stick to your plan." We need to encourage each other. Instead, try "you are wonderful drawing and sport really moving."

often get caught in the trap boxing man. We believe one good child in sports and 2 children good reading and writing. However, if it exceeds this, the kids can use this to limit yourself. They might say, "Oh, I'm good at this activity, but it is not that" so did not need to try other things. In the end we want the kids to have a balanced, well-rounded and able to try new things without fear.

3. Be in accordance with the boundaries

borders are equally important in our lives and the discipline of the children. When we are inconsistent keeps the borders can be confusing for children because they do not know when to change your mind.

Whether or not the children, parents, friends, family or work, we can enforce the limits. For example, if a special day or evening with you family and friends to ask for help, or he seeks to work that day come, it will not. Keeping the promise that family is more important than anything else is coming.

If we want cooperation of children simply know the boundaries of the site and observe them. You must communicate these limits, and make sure that children understand the consequences of going beyond the limits. And it's not an empty threat, but use can be carried out, the logical consequence. When dealing with small children the logic is different. They can refer to acceptable behavior rewards and treats. For example, use as a marble, a jar technique. There is a glass jar bullets in it. When children behave well or good decision to let the marble in the bottle. If they misbehave, a marble or glass. The goal is to fill the whole bottle, which you may be able to treat them separately, such as a park or a special trip with an afternoon game of all games.

To stick to anything, however, it should be. This is not a good decision during the boundaries and letting them slip if they are too tired or too busy. You may have to stop what you are doing to cope with the problem.

4. Communication

When did you last feel really listened? If people sharing an idea or story is not the other person to ask more questions, or they wait until the break and share their ideas or story? Most people do not know how to listen. But you can learn to listen to it.

Next time you talk to someone, listen to understand him. Ask them questions. Find out more about their way of thinking. Ignore the sound may be interrupted when he does his own story. You will be surprised how much you can learn about someone, which will strengthen the bond.

And when you're the one with the speech, see for yourself. Note that if you beautify things that are more interesting. Notice that you share the real you, or what you think they want to hear. Communication is all about, and share your true self. What could be more profound meaningful relationships, if you really communicate with each other.

These are just some ideas to help maintain harmony in family life. Remember that silence is not. It is about a meaningful exchange, recognition and so all family members know who they are.

Source by Margit Cruice

What corporate entertainment?

If a company wants to show to staff, customers and stakeholders for some recognition, they put together a corporate entertainment event. These events are a great way to not only show appreciation to those who participated in the company in some way, but it also serves many other purposes. used to

first build morale in the company: some of them. When employees are able to get out of the work environment and a fun, friendly become, and increase morale within the company. Growing morale doing something else within the company as well.

2. Build productivity, and this is very important if a company wants to make money. When a company's productive, very little waste and less waste is more profit there. This is what corporate entertainment is good for the company.

3. Helps employees, customers and stakeholders inside and outside the company network. Some companies are so large that many workers do not even know each other. Corporate entertainment event that employees who do not know each other, network with each other. It also helps clients with the network of people they do business with regularly.

Some private events that the company, among other things:

· Conventions

· Conferences

· Retreat

· Private Concerts

· Christmas parties

When a company such events, it helps the entire company, and this helps them within the company they meet people who work, who you do business with, and who works with them. This is a perfect way to build company morale, productivity and so on. In the end, something like a corporate entertainment event may be the best thing for a company that has become dry and stagnant over time.

Source by Jacqueline Itson

Tattoo History – Where tattoos come from?

tattoos were found in Ötzi the Iceman, whose 5,000-year-old frozen body was found in the Alps in 1991, 57 tattoos on his body, some of which appeared to be decorative and some of which might have therapeutic, perhaps to help relieve arthritis. Among other signs, there was a cross on the inside of his left knee. We know, crosses were used in ancient cultures, symbols of nature or join a god or gods as the worship of nature was common. Cross tattoos are still popular as a monument or a sign of faith.

Random Tattoo

While the Iceman & # 39; s tattoos seem to be ready for the purpose, the idea of ​​marking the body might come by chance. Placement of colored material under the skin & # 39; s surface forms tattoo. The wound, he rubbed the ash or dust would have left permanent marks. This idea probably will not take long to spread people were decorating their bodies. We can imagine it would be a race to see who was the most decorative markings.

Mark of Courage

courage and ability to endure the pain, it was important to early cultures as members had to fight for survival against their own tribe or other tribes or wild animals. Since men are usually the hunters saw manly courage and strength. Tattooing has become a mark of courage because the process is often long and painful. It's a small step to initiate a test of courage for young men to prove that they were capable of masculinity, by holding up the tattoo process. The tattoo has become a symbol of courage and a badge of honor. Young women also had to bear, but generally not as much as men.

tribal status and membership

developed by the tribe has a distinctive tattoo that meant a person identified as a member of a certain tribe. Some tribes and cultures has become a status symbol in some tattoo designs that indicated the individual & # 39; s place in the tribe. Some displays will be the manager or designate a member of the tribal hierarchy. Most tribes worshiped a deity – the sun, the moon, the earth, or an animal. It was not uncommon for members of the tribe wear a symbol that connected them to the gods and gave them protection. They compete animals were tough opponents strength, speed or agility – a tattoo symbol that the animal can give them some of the same characteristics.

part of human history

Tattoo history is an integral part of the history of the human race. Tattooing has become very much part of every major culture. Tattoos were used in ancient Egypt and across the Mediterranean. The Romans them to mark slaves and criminals and a form of punishment. Women in ancient Greece used them as a sign of beauty. It is thought the Greeks learned the Persians. Like travelers and traders from all over the world so does the art of decorating the body – China, Japan, India, Polynesia. In some cultures, such as Samoan and Maori, the tattoo has become an indispensable part of life. It was a way chiefs and senior tribal members acknowledged.

Not much has changed over the centuries. People tattoos for the same reasons as the Up: decorate their bodies; to express their faith; remember loved ones; belong to a particular group. Tattooing has developed a number of other plans and hygienic and less painful method, but basically it is the same year.

Source by William Burnell

Nose rings, pins and Bones – Which is Right for You?

Nose piercing has become very popular among people who are near the surface piercings; nose rings, ear studs and piercings in fact, after the second balls in popularity. Despite the fact that more women who pierced nose like men who wear a nostril piercing himself with a personal statement. The piercing is successful, someone followed nose piercing aftercare instructions.


Nose piercing is a common area between the cultures of India, and most of the Middle East. In fact, in India and in parts of the Middle East, a man gives a woman wants to marry a nose ring in the western world & # 39; s equivalent of a wedding ring. These days, the nasal bones are a little more popular. A woman should only turn her head, other people, and especially men, to understand that he is already married.

If you decide that you want to go and get the nostril pierced, there are actually a pair of nose rings, pins and bones that you can choose from . There is the screw that starts with a straight pin and hooks but curves, so it would not be able to easily pull out, regardless of how much energized. This is especially the tap slowly through the nose and gently insert is removed from the fleshy part of the nasal cavity. One nasal bone is the other hand a kind of valve, which is a large round portion at one end that is passed through the nostril, so that the jewelry is kept in place.

There are a lot of people who do not recommend a nasal bone when you decide to go ahead and nose pierced for the first time. Because the road is a nasal bone is formed, there is a distinct possibility that the axis of the pin will be too short to be completely through the nasal cavity, which happens to be a bit thicker than the average person. Even if Pierce takes place completely through the body, it does not mean that the subsequent swelling will not swallow the nasal bone. If the inner surface of the piercing healed nasal bone may be removed surgically.

If you wear jewelry nasal bone, nose & # 39; and wound healing around pins that pierced through the nostril, the egg-shaped end, which is slightly larger than the shaft, this makes it very difficult to remove and also to slow down, or even worse – the reversal of the healing process, because if they move or attempt take off, you can tear the healing tissue, which is another wound. Piercers often than not, we recommend that you choose that instead of a nose screw at the beginning of the course. A nose screw that is made of surgical stainless steel, or if you can afford to have a, an eighteen-karat gold nose screw.

Source by Crystal Morrigna